Projects We Can Do For You

18 Marketing Projects Buzzhoney’s Expert Team Can Do For You

C’mon, You’ve Got More On Your Plate Than You Or Your Team Can Handle, Right?

Well, our team has deep expertise in today’s marketing strategies. We live this stuff! 

In fact, for 20 years now we’ve been banging out projects large and small for clients just like you

Let us take on a couple of these important projects that have been sitting on your whiteboard for, like… forever.

Here are just a sampling of the projects that we can tackle for you this week:

Produce Your New Website

Design and Produce a customer-centered, high-conversion website that brings you new leads and customers while you sleep.

Target Audience

Build Your Prospect List

Build a high-value audience/mailing list of your ideal prospects for highly effective and targeted marketing.

Automate Your Marketing

Automate key parts of your marketing funnel so you are always in front of your audience with the right message at the right time (without having to hit send manually each week).

Analyze The Competition

Deconstruct your competitors’ marketing strategies and campaigns so you can ethically hijack their traffic and funnel prospects your way instead.

user networking

Manage Your Social Media

Create high-impact social media posts to increase customer engagement and leverage the power of the community to grow your business.

Copy Writer

Write Winning Copy

Craft engaging and persuasive copy that lures prospective customers in, educates them and makes them want to throw their money at you.


Hire us for any of these projects and Buzzhoney will conduct for FREE our proprietary Content Marketing Workshop to help you generate strategic, money-making ideas for your business.
17-ad player

Produce Winning Videos

Plan and create compelling video content to capture the Youtube or TikTok crowd (which is everyone, BTW).

23-ad online

Run Your Social Campaigns

Whether the goal is to build a loyal community of likeminded souls or just get your message in front of the right people, we know how to get people to stop scrolling.


Run Your Email Newsletter

We will create the perfect content and manage the delivery to make sure your emails get opened so that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience.

Computer and Smartphone

Design Your Landing Pages

Design and develop landing pages focused on conversion so you can track the effectiveness of each and every ad you run.


Write Your Blog Posts

We can research and then write on topics of interest to your audience, building authority for you and your business in the process.

Search Engine

Optimize Your Site For Search

While there are a number of factors that go into improving your search engine ranking, a great place to start is by optimizing your own website properties. We can tackle this chore for you.

Devise A Winning Marketing Strategy

We'll ensure that your money is spent on the right things and help you achieve tangible results from your marketing efforts. We will write the strategy you need to guide your team for years to come.

Build Apps for You

Develop highly interactive mobile and web-based apps to create a killer experience for your users.

Create Ecommerce Success

We can help you launch or optimize your online shopping experience so you don't leave any money on the table.


Brainstorm Big Marketing Ideas

With decades of experience in the trenches we can help you develop innovative strategies and customer-centered ideas.

Media Advertising

Run Your Paid Ad Campaigns

We can plan and execute highly creative and measurable digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic and paying customers to you.


Sell Globally

We can localize your site and create multiple language versions to attract business from a worldwide audience.