we stay up late thinking of ways to make you rich and famous

In twenty years, our mission hasn't changed: Help our clients master marketing from strategy to execution.

So it's been 22 years already?
Well, that was fun.

Doesn't seem like a big deal until we sit back and reflect on the changes in the world and our own little marketing industry over these two decades. 

Here's a shortlist of things that didn't yet exist when we opened our doors...

The iPhone, Facebook, Bitcoin, NBC's The Apprentice, Spotify, Netflix Streaming Service, and Zoom.

So what? We've been around a long time. Why does that matter?

Well, either we're pretty good at what we do or pretty stubborn to keep at it. 

Truth be told, it's a little of both 🙂

So I could bore you with the standard founder's story about how Buzzhoney was started in a garage (it was the kitchen) with nothing but grit and a plan to change the world of marketing. But you really don't care about any of that. I mean it's my story and I don't even care about it. 

No, you care about YOU. And your story. And whether that story is going to have a happy ending, (maybe with some help from Buzzhoney)? 

I mean, that's why you're here right? So unless you really, really want to know the super-boring genesis of our name or what we were doing before Buzzhoney, we'll keep the focus of this site on you and how we might help you. 

Look around, make sure we're legit. Then I'm sure you'll agree it's worth a fifteen-minute conversation to learn more.

Buzzhoney President Chris Bannon

A Small Sample of Our Work

For twenty years our labor of love has been made possible by our wonderfully creative and challenging clients. Thank you all!

About Buzzhoney

Buzzhoney has been around so long we were doing digital marketing many years before it was called digital marketing. We’re based in Pittsburgh, PA, most livable city in the USA 🙂

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