others will sell you fish,
we'll teach you to fish,
and bait your line too

Because you want your projects
done right the first time...

Hey, we get it. There are sooooo many partners to choose from you could throw a rock out of your window and hit a marketer in the head. Go ahead and try it, we’ll wait. 

The thing is, anyone can become a marketer these days and make a decent buck doing so. There’s a huge demand for these skills and literally no startup costs to bear. So, yeah there’s a shit ton of “marketers” trolling for business out there. 

That’s all great until you get stuck with someone who doesn’t actually know much about marketing and squanders your budget while learning on your dime. 

Well, the good news is that Buzzhoney has been doing this long enough to know whether we are a good fit for a client within the first meeting. We’ll let you know upfront so neither of us wastes our time. 

And to put your mind at ease, we will never wrangle you into a long-term contract. Even clients we’ve serviced for many, many years operate month-to-month. Some might say that’s inefficient or potentially leaving money on the table. We’ve found just the opposite. It takes any potential strain off the relationship while making us earn our keep every single month. We never get lazy 🙂

And as the cherry on top of our little marketing sundae, if you are not 100% satisfied with our working relationship, you don’t have to pay. We’ll just tear up your invoice, in a theatrically staged,  dramatic fashion, live-streamed for all to bear witness, while wishing you the very best in the process. 

Our Expert Services

While we don’t do everything, we likely do what you need. With more than 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we help you focus like a laser on what truly matters to your bottom line. 

Marketing Strategy

Know exactly what you should be doing, skip the fads, and chart a clear course toward marketing success.

  • Conduct research on your customers, competition, industry trends, and technology shifts to gain actionable insight you can use
  • Conduct our proprietary Breakthrough Workshops to uncover opportunities, brainstorm winning ideas, and prioritize initiatives for your next 24 months
  • Audit current activities and analyze any existing data to identify opportunities
  • Articulate your Brand’s Purpose, Customer Value Proposition, Ideal Customer Profile, and other strategic messaging
  • Document your strategy so that you have a marketing “North Star” by which to operate and easily make tactical decisions quarter to quarter and year to year

Precision Marketing

Efficiently and effectively target the ideal customer with the right message at the right time, every time.

  • Analyze your customer base and current segmentation if available to determine how best to identify and target high-value prospects
  • Review purchasing and other actionable behavior to determine the Lifetime Value of different customer types
  • Build or augment a valuable and actionable customer/prospect database for direct marketing success
  • Develop attention-grabbing direct marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, SMS, and Social Media for maximum impact
  • Create “Irresistible Offers” that encourage prospects to take immediate action
  • Measure, Rinse, and Repeat

Mobile Marketing

It's a mobile-first world out there. Don't try to tackle it with a desktop-first approach.

  • Develop a Mobile-First, User Experience Strategy to capitalize on the opportunity
  • Design, Build, Test, and Promote entertaining or utilitarian Mobile Applications 
  • Capitalize on location-based marketing opportunities to reach prospects at the ideal time with a compelling offer
  • Improve customer service and pull prospects deeper into your sales funnel with high-value SMS communication
  • Create and distribute content optimized for the smaller devices

Web Design & Development

Whether you sell online or use your site to pull people into your funnel, we can help.

  • Analyze current traffic data, messaging, content, functionality, navigation, load speed, searchability, and target audiences to provide a heuristic review of the current state of your website(s)
  • Review competitors’ websites to identify opportunities to exploit
  • Brainstorm ideas to explore functionality and content ideas that would differentiate your brand and create a memorable user experience
  • Design, Develop, Test, and Launch your site

Social Media & Community

Social Media is powerful... when you know how best to engage. Use the power of community to your benefit.

  • Define and articulate your social media strategy and how it will specifically contribute to the business’ goals
  • If appropriate, plan, build, and manage an interest-based community of like-minded people that you and your team are uniquely qualified to help
  • Maximize the unique characteristics of the different social media channels 
  • Nurture your social media following with the right mix of content, conversation and communal activity

Paid Campaigns

For growth, you'll need to reach the right audience. They'll usually be found on Google, Facebook, etc.

  • Identify who we are going to target, with what offer, and determine the ideal paid channels with which to reach them
  • Generate ideas, visuals, and copy that cut through the crowded clutter of online advertising to garner attention and action
  • Set up the necessary operations, tools, reporting, and communications to ensure smooth campaign management
  • Conduct various methods of performance testing to increase the effectiveness of campaigns and gain valuable insight
  • Reallocate media spend according to results

Marketing Automation

Put your marketing on auto-pilot with the right tools, the right messages, and the right plan.

  • Review the current marketing to sales funnels and technical infrastructure to identify the opportunities for automation
  • Design ideal automation sequences based upon specific criteria: customer behavior, customer segment, seasonality, geography, last contact date, last purchase date, to name just a few
  • Set up and integrate marketing automation software as needed
  • Create automation campaign assets, messaging, specific rules, and Calls To Action based on desired business outcomes

Search Marketing

Customers are looking for businesses just like yours on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and Amazon. Be Found.

  • Conduct research of the competitive search landscape and your existing web properties and marketing assets to determine profitable keyword and channel opportunities
  • Prepare an optimization plan to prioritize the activities and changes needed to move the needle in your organic search results
  • Develop a Paid Search Plan to profitably purchase search traffic from the ideal channels 
  • Review on a weekly,  monthly, and quarterly basis the performance of the search plan and adjust based on lessons learned

Strategic Guides Created For You

You need everyone on your team on the same page. And you will need a clearly defined strategy to meet your goals. Buzzhoney can help you define your needs, identify best practices, and articulate both your strategy and methods for delivering results across a range of areas.

About Buzzhoney

Buzzhoney has been around so long we were doing digital marketing many years before it was called digital marketing. We’re based in Pittsburgh, PA, most livable city in the USA 🙂

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