conversations open doors create opportunity change minds build trust lead to deals

fill up your calendar with real prospects ready to talk business

Introducing Direct2Connect, a stunningly effective way to market your business and see results in days, not months

I don't care how many sales people you've got. If you run a small to mid-size B2B firm, you are still the Chief Growth Officer. Stop wasting time and money on fly-by-night "lead generation" tactics and open the doors to consistent and profitable growth.

22 Years In The Making, Boiled
Down to Four Simple Steps

Step #1

Build a Contact List of Your Ideal Customers

Working with you we identify the characteristics of your perfect customer and set about building a database of these targets. We then verify the accuracy of the data to ensure the success of your campaigns. 

Step #2

Craft Compelling,
Hard-to-Ignore Messages

We know what you should say, don't worry. With decades of direct-meets-digital marketing, we understand what it takes to get positive responses and open the doors to productive conversations

Step #3

Methodically Connect with Thousands Each Month

Now we are ready to being the outreach on your behalf. We'll automatically connect you with your targets via LinkedIn and email, working the numbers game to open the closed doors of hard-to-reach people. 

Step #4

Fill Up Your Calendar With High-Value Conversations

We will automate the booking and reminder process to make it easy for both parties and to drive down the no-shows. 

"I am so pleased with Buzzhoney. They brought so much energy and professionalism to the table. Not only did they help us start getting consistently good appointments, but they helped us see our business in a whole new light."

Jim Cofano

Owner - A2Z Direct

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stop generating weak-ass, tire-kicking, go-nowhere, waste-your-time "leads." Start having meaningful conversations instead

What if prospective clients sought YOU out for help and advice, practically chasing you to work together?

What if you and your company were perceived as the leaders in your niche, the first to come to mind when people discuss industry experts?

What if you were able to initiate conversations with your prospects, as a peer and trusted advisor, rather than being seen as a groveling vendor trying to “sell them?”

What if you were always in the driver’s seat during the sales process, and could be selective enough to only “allow” perfect clients aboard?

What if you could charge top dollar for your services, so you could in turn provide maximum value to your clients?

 What if every day of the week you would wake up to new messages from prospects anxious to meet with you?