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Here’s Why You Want To Work With Buzzhoney

Here’s where we drone on and one about our capabilities, while patting our own backs and bragging on our awards and stuff.

Sorry to disappoint.

Ok, you’ve figured out by now we’re not like most marketing firms. For one thing, we won’t bore you with the tiresome platitudes about the future of marketing. You can get that from any well-meaning, but wet-behind-the-ears agency startup. We don’t believe 90% of that new age marketing BS. We actually see what works each and every day.

We won’t try to steer you down the path of some of the HOTTEST and GREATEST of marketing’s shiny new objects. We might be the only digital-born firm that isn’t slobbering over social media as the most AWESOME thing to happen in marketing since, well, the QR Code. Man, that was AWESOME.

We see marketing’s role as helping companies sell their stuff to people who want to buy their stuff. Pretty simple, huh? Well, it may be simple but I can assure you it’s not easy.

Popular marketing “thought leaders” point to evidence that “interruptive advertising is dead.”

Hmmmm, where have we heard this argument before?

Oh yeah.

Print is dead.

Radio is dead.

Network TV is dead.

Cable TV is dead.

Outdoor is dead.

Email is dead.

Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

Man, that’s a lot of death in our industry. It’d be horrifying if any of it were true.

Pundits cite the fact that people record their TV shows and might skip the commercials. OMG, people no longer like advertising!

Well, let me tell you a little secret.


Come here…

Scroll down…

A little more…

Just a bit more…

Guess what?

People NEVER liked advertising.

People put up with advertising. They politely sit through commercials and flip through magazines, barely noticing most ads in the process. Consumers may not like advertising, but when they have a buying itch and see something interesting and relevant, BOOM. Ads scratch the itch. People are consumers, after all:)

Industry media like to point to facts that consumers today (especially millennials!!!) are more prone to persuasion by their friends than by advertising. Fair enough. But where did their friends learn about the product they now covet? This wonderful knowledge had to begin somewhere.

A recent study conducted by a social media platform (of course) found that 99% of millennials declared they were not influenced by advertising. What is more remarkable to me is that 1% admitted they get sold by those dirty, evil, capitalist “ADS!”

So what the hell is going on in the world of marketing?

Glad you asked… hehe.

First of all, marketing is indeed more complex and more technical than ever.

Not a day goes by I don’t get a pitch from the latest and greatest new marketing platform. How much room is in this space? How many “platforms” do I need to learn anyway?

Second, it is getting more confusing to senior executives who just want to know what this stuff means to the bottom line.

It is no wonder CEO trust in CMOs has hit an all time low. Right there with politicians. Don’t believe me, google it…

So why is that?

Because we have forgotten that our job is to sell stuff. Lots of stuff.

Somewhere along the line, we began to think we were too good for the business of selling. Selling was for those neanderthals down the hall. We had analytics to analyze and feel-good, vanity metrics to pump up.

“Don’t they realize we have literally dozens of people to ENGAGE with on Facebook?”

Which bring us to the point of this page… what about Buzzhoney?

Thanks for sticking around. Hopefully, this isn’t anticlimactic.

You see, it’s actually quite simple. Buzzhoney likes to make the cash register ring. That’s why we focus on big ideas that help your company stand out. It’s why we measure what works and what doesn’t. Our plans may include social media or content marketing. Depends if it will do the job or not. We may have a pedigree in digital, but we also know that much of what passes for strategic reasoning today is pure bullshit.

We’re not the biggest marketing firm.

We’re not the best, I’m pretty sure.

We’re not the most creative. We’re not the most technically savvy. We’re not the smartest or best looking. We don’t have the most followers or drive the fastest cars. Heck, we don’t even listen to the coolest music and haven’t been to SXSW since ’13.

OK, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah… Buzzhoney. Why Buzzhoney?

We give a shit about your marketing. We take it personally if you and your department don’t succeed. We obsess and kick over desks if our plans don’t yield results. If our biggest ideas don’t make you jump out of your chair we will fall into a deep funk for weeks and lose weight over it.

If you don’t get promoted within a year we will drive to your place of business and hold a sit-in in your boss’ office until the injustice is made right!

We think about your problems at night, on the weekend, when we are out to dinner with our spouses. We come up with ideas for you in our sleep while we dream, waking and fumbling around for our phone to capture it before it’s gone.

We will help you navigate the politics in your company to make things happen. We’ll help you put together the most important PowerPoint decks of your life.

We’re scrappy, dedicated and still hungry after many years of making the cash register ring.

We’re old enough to know what a Brand Manager is supposed to do, but young enough to know which emoji works best.

We’re the kind of company you need when the chips are down. Or up. Either way, we make stuff happen.

We believe things too…

  1. Empathy with the customer is the clearest, most direct path to success.
  2. Standing out is easier said than done.
  3. Attention is the most valuable, sought-after commodity in marketing.
  4. Once you have a customer’s attention you need to appeal to both sides of their brain.
  5. Customers don’t care about you or your product. They care about themselves.
  6. Research is important, but just know that customers lie to pollsters.
  7. Successful marketing is that which is profitable.
  8. The right words change people’s minds.
  9. Technology is a tool, an enabler of plans.
  10. Customers are individuals.
  11. Customers recognize an experience when they have one… good or bad.
  12. If everyone likes you, you’re doing it wrong.
  13. If you cannot repeat your success you got lucky.
  14. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
  15. It’s not digital marketing anymore, it’s just marketing.

OK, that ain’t deep, but we live by it nonetheless.

You might agree, disagree, or not care at all. But if you need help, you’ll want a team like ours: Seasoned pros with strong opinions, batshit crazy ideas, marketing prowess and a 15-year track record to back it up.

Or you could stick with your status quo.

Your call.