Chris Bannon President Buzzhoney Pittsburgh

Serving Up Some Marketing Wins

Nothing in marketing is easy these days. Except for creating shitty ad banners. That’s a total breeze.

We didn’t get into this because it was easy. And God knows it wasn’t for the big bucks!

No, we work hard to make you look good. Heck, we don’t even know you yet and we’re picturing you in a larger office. So if your goal is to look good we’re on the same page;)

If you’ve come here looking to buy SEO or web design by the pound you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind proving our worth to a new client with what I like to call a “starter engagement.”

But if you think all you need is a single tactic, there are better places to shop for help. Craigslist, for starters. While you’re there grab yourself a back rub and a lightly stained couch, free for the hauling!

If you are looking for an agency to show you some marketing love, well NOW we’re talking.

After all, the tactics will change. New channels are born by the day. Fancy new Martech platforms will promise to make everything “point and click” or “drag and drop.” Maybe even “drag and point” or “click and “drop.”

Yes, we’ll have our ear to the ground, deciphering the rumblings of changing customer behavior to prepare for whatever comes next.

We will tinker with and test the newest marketing tech. Peeking under the hood to know what is real and what is hype.

That’s why our clients tend to come to us with big marketing goals in mind.

Sometimes they show on our doorstep with ugly, hairy, and stubborn marketing problems. OMG! Those days feel like Christmas wrapped up in a Steelers Super Bowl victory surrounded by a first date!

We love rolling up our sleeves, pouring more coffee and solving these wonderful puzzles.

So yeah, tactics come later.

Strategy first.

Gain insight for competitive advantage

Connect the dots between the research, the analytics, industry experience and gut instinct. It’s not enough to be clever. Or creative. Or smart. Or good looking. You need to be right. You need to be able to read the tea leaves for clues to your company’s next big step. Good marketers know how to do more than win the game. They know how to change the game. In Buzzhoney you’ll have a partner in crime.

Define a strategy to guide your efforts

You may have a plan, but what is your strategy? What is your departments’ reason for being? Could everyone in marketing articulate it? It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day bustle running your marketing programs.

Justify your programs to internal stakeholders

It’s not enough to do great work. You need to sell your value every day. And with the CFO tracking every dollar you spend, you need to justify your projects at a moment’s notice.

Make sense of your marketing data to make informed decisions

Some marketers are drowning in data, others don’t have enough. One thing is for sure, we are all looking for that golden nugget of wisdom derived from the numbers. “OMG! Our lederhosen-wearing customers hate broccoli on Tuesdays and Thursdays!” Let’s find your golden nuggets.

Win the customer experience

Cuz that’s where it’s at, my friend. It’s all about the experience these days. And there’s a ton that marketing can do to win this battle.

Optimize your marketing spend

Now there’s a fancy way to say “stop wasting money.” This is the key to long-term success. Know where to invest your marketing dollars. So important, but easier said than done. So while the creative brains write funny headlines and photoshop memes, the analysts (or as we like to call them, number geeks) use their big left brains to keep us honest.

Get consistent marketing wins

Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Sure you can ride that big write-up in the trade press for at least 3 months. But your bosses will get right back to “what have you done for me lately.” Let’s keep hitting doubles and triples, ok? It’s good for the team, good for your mindset, and good for your career path. Time to create a marketing “system” to repeat and scale your effort.

Get your projects done

There’s no glory in projects that go on forever. Let’s lock that shit down so you don’t have to explain it for the 23rd time at the status meeting.

Improve your marketing process

Yeah, I said it. Process. I know, I know. You’d rather eat broken glass but hear me out for a minute. The difference between nightmares and dreams is the difference between ad hoc and defined process. Every organization is different, but we all enjoy marketing process improvement.

Supplement the skills, knowledge and experience of your team

Listen, I know your team is sharp. They work hard, they keep up to speed on the latest. They cover a lot of ground. But the truth is, they can’t keep pace with all that is changing. They can’t stay current with all the skills needed for today’s marketing program. And you don’t have an unlimited headcount to fill in all the gaps. That’s where we fit in, bridging the gap with specialized skills and decades of experience.

Differentiate your brand

It’s hard enough to get noticed by today’s busy customer. Even the largest brands fight for relevance in an increasingly commoditized world. What do you stand for? What story do you tell? Are you zigging along with everyone else, or do you actually zag?

Generate higher quality leads

Listen, we’ve all been on the receiving end of the sales team’s complaints. “These leads suck.” Well, let’s consider for a minute that maybe the folks down the hall may have a point. Random people who download our whitepaper may not actually be prospects. Hell, they may not even qualify as humans. Let’s walk the fine line between keeping the lead count up and giving sales something they can work with.

Convert a higher percentage of opportunities

So you spent a bunch of your budget on all those leads. You’ve stuffed the top of your funnel with all kinds of inquiries. Let’s not leave it to chance that these customers will convert. Let’s show them some marketing love throughout the cycle. Let’s make it easy to do business with us. Let’s remove any hurdles. Let’s squeeze every drop of effort out of the middle of our funnel. It’s where the real difference is made.