Are You Looking For Your Dream Job?

Are you looking for a life-changing work experience?

A place that not only challenges your intellect but pushes you to be the best you can be?

A company whose mission lines up with your soul’s purpose?

Good luck with THAT.

We’re just a marketing agency that does solid work.

Oh sure, you’ll work with cool people and learn from some pioneers in the industry.

And you’ll grow personally and professionally.

But we’re not curing diseases here.

We’re not saving the planet (except for recycling our beer bottles:)

We’re just helping our clients sell their stuff. By being smart or funny. Sometimes both.

If you’re smart or funny, maybe you’ll fit in with our scrappy group.


Keep our ADD President FOCUSED so he can lead us to glory! Must be 21 since part of your job is running to the liquor store for “office supplies.”

We need someone so organized, so detail-oriented, so calm under pressure that the rest of us sleep well at night. This candidate will fight the battle to deliver with an arsenal of spreadsheets, scope docs and Gant (sp?) charts. Gannt (sp?) charts. Gantt (sp?) charts? Must be able to spell those special project plan charts correctly.

We’re always looking for the next crop of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young professionals. Your youthful optimism is a wonderful antidote to the cynicism that comes from a decade or two of being beaten down by demanding clients, unrealistic deadlines, failed hard drives, lost awards, and the general rejection of so many brilliant ideas by people who just “don’t get it.” No seriously, we look forward to “showing you the ropes” and preparing you for the “real world.” #justkiddingweloveithere

Or as we like to call it, the Designated Bar-Tab-Picker-Upper. Must be fearless, likable, highly organized and whip-smart. Proven ability to create money from thin air a must. Will be handed a bunch of “leads.” Don’t screw ‘em up.

Additionally, we’re always on the lookout for geniuses who can do genius-y things, like:

Write amazing, hypnotic, hilarious, sad, powerful, emotional, and logical copy that makes people jump into their cars and drive to our clients’ to hand over their hard-earned money.

Make things look like they should be hanging in the MoMA… beautiful works of art clients will want to frame and hang in their office (even after having gone four rounds of revisions and the death of your signature font choice).

Make beautiful things move, click, hum, crash, or otherwise “interact.”

Make elaborate plans simple and simple plans amazing.

Devise strategies that make all of this work for our clients’ business.

The requirements for working with us are simple. Simple, but surprisingly rare:

First, a positive, make-it-happen attitude is the most important criteria for working here at Buzzhoney.

(Truth be told, we don’t like to be around sourpusses or whiners)

Second, an intense curiosity and hunger to learn, no matter your age.

Third, the ability to put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

If you think you are cut from this cloth, give us a shout.

Send an email or letter telling us why Buzzhoney should make you a part of our team. Just a simple little missive selling yourself. Pretty easy right? Good. We’ll see.

But before you start Googling “letter formatting” or “best cover letter examples” let me try to wave you off a bit.

It is not an easy job, no matter what position you work at Buzzhoney. Even the interns must produce at high levels. We set the bar high. We don’t always reach it, but it is set high nonetheless.

We’re a small company. We don’t have the infrastructure (cough, cough… bureaucracy) of large corporations. For example, we don’t have a department for everything. The person who orders the office supplies will be on-boarding you during your orientation.

You will be learning every day, and we expect you to grow and learn on your own as well.

You will screw up along the way. If you don’t then you are not pushing the boundaries enough. Too much and we’ll wonder if you are smoking your breakfast (I don’t mean you AJ:)

We can only succeed if we continue to bring value to our clients and help them succeed.

We realize that productivity comes when people have time to do their best work. To that end, Buzzhoney is on a mission to kill as many meetings as possible. If we can find a way to eliminate them altogether, we will. Maybe in a future life.


(cue the orchestra music)

Listen, we are on a mission. We want to tell our moms with a straight face that we do some good in the world by helping companies grow. Yes, we help them sell stuff. If you can’t stomach the fact that marketing is about helping clients SELL THEIR STUFF, this ain’t the place for you. We do real work here. The work of grownups. The work of commerce.